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with Amanda Douglas-Gartside & Stephen Gartside

Wisdom of Metatron Teachers

New Workshop Date: 1st & 2nd April 2022

Shamballa healing.


Golden Heart Merkabah of Creation Teachers


part 2:

Information in the manual re the subjects listed below incorporates an understanding of the esoteric and spiritual principles that underpin each of the areas.


  • Setting up in Private Practice.
  • Legislation and Insurance.
  • Practical Management:

The healing space.

Renting versus using a space in your home.

Organising appointments.

Setting boundaries.

Fees to charge for sessions.

  • Setting up in business, Business Plan, Funding and Keeping Accounts.
  • Marketing, Promoting Yourself and the Principles of Creating Your Own Reality.
  • Ethics with discussion of issues raised.
  • Ongoing Professional Development and discussion of issues raised.
  • Mentoring and Supervision.

Christine Core points out that not every Angelic Reiki Teacher can teach all aspects of Professional Practice. She says: " The depth to which business issues are covered will depend on the teacher's area of specialist knowledge. Every teacher cannot be expected to be an expert in accountancy, business management and marketing. It is therefore up to the student to source particular information that they might need. The important thing is to gain an understanding of the spiritual aspects involved."