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with Amanda Douglas-Gartside & Stephen Gartside

Wisdom of Metatron Teachers

New Workshop Date: 1st & 2nd April 2022

Shamballa healing.


Golden Heart Merkabah of Creation Teachers


Cost: £ 400.00   (£75.00 non-returnable deposit)

The purpose of this Professional Practitioner course is to equip the participant to share the transformational energy of Angelic Reiki in a professional way.

This course is taught in 2 parts, over a minimum of 2 days. It can be taught in 2 separate sessions. the first part requires 1 and a half days.

Part 1: covers aspects of advanced healing, including the causes of disease and focuses on the spiritual principles underpinning Angelic Reiki as a healing modality. It includes 2 attunements and 2 new healing methods. As such, Part 1 is attracting not just those who wish to operate as a professional practitioner but also those wishing to advance their knowledge, understanding and usage of Angelic Reiki on a personal level and in connection with family and friends.

Part 2: covers the practical and spiritual issues involved in working as a healer. Anyone who is already an experienced professional practitioner in another holistic/complementary therapy can apply for exemption from Part 2.

Certificates are only awarded when an agreement to embrace the Code of Ethics has been signed as this confers status as a Registered Angelic Reiki Practitioner.

SYLLABUS: of Part 1

  • Clearing and Entity Release.
  • Two Attunements.

: Angelic Reiki 4th Degree.

: 3rd & 4th Degree Archangelic Initiation with the Mighty Sarim.

  • New Healing Methods.

: Etheric Body Healing.

: Spherical Healing.

  • Understanding the significance of Magnetic and Radiatory Healing.
  • Working with the Feeling Body.
  • Review of Cleansing and Dedicating a Space and the purpose and function of this in the healing situation.
  • Healing into death and an understanding of the death and dying process.
  • The Nature and Causes of Disease and its implications on the Healing Session.
  • The Healing Session:

: Duration.

: Confidentiality.

: Listening and Communication Skills.

: Feedback.

: How to deal with Clients on Medication.