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with Amanda Douglas-Gartside & Stephen Gartside

Wisdom of Metatron Teachers

New Workshop Date: 1st & 2nd April 2022

Shamballa healing.


Golden Heart Merkabah of Creation Teachers


We offer flexible training in order to reflect different needs and requirements. Thus the teaching can address the needs of those who wish to practise this system professionally, as well as those who wish to use the energy for self healing, personal empowerment and for supporting friends and family.

The various workshops for Angelic Reiki that we facilitate throughout the year, are suitable for everyone. You do not need to be spiritual or had any training in other forms of healing. If you feel guided to work closely with the Angelic Kingdom, have a curiosity to experience the energy when working with Ascended Masters and Archangels, then this path is for you.

For those already in the Angelic Reiki Family, who have attained any level but feel like they need a refresher but not necessarily been a student of ours, then you are most welcome to join us on the dates and degrees listed. If you are interested, please get in touch.

  • What would it feel like to have the energy of the most powerful Archangelic Presence that you could imagine, manifesting behind you and anchoring into your energy body the most pure, divine, simple healing symbols , which would enable you to make a permanent connection with your Soul and that aspect of your being which is Divine.
  • How would it feel to undergo an Initiation into the vibration of the Angelic Kingdom of Light, which would alter the molecular spin of the very atoms of which your physical body is composed of and also your DNA. So from that moment forward you would be able to merge with Angelic Energy in perfection.
  • Imagine a connection with the Great White Brotherhood and the Ascended Masters, which allows you to be embraced by their energy and be welcomed into the ranks of the Galactic Healers of this Galaxy.
  • What profound joy would you experience if you found yourself in a Multi-Dimensional Vortex, merging energy with an Ascended Master or a Galactic Healer, in order to clear and balance past lives on this planet and others for yourself, your family and friends or clients.
  • How wonderful would it be to know death as the amazing initiation into spirit that it truly is and to be able to heal people through death both in the present and the past.
  • How wonderful would it be to look into the eyes of a fellow human being and through eye contact alone, be able to send them the most profound healing they may ever have experienced.
  • How awe inspiring would it be for you to be surrounded by your Soul Group or Family in order for you to channel your Divine Presence to a patient, in order for that patient to recognize their own Divine Origins.
  • How empowering would it be to integrate the true origins of Reiki. To understand what the symbols truly are and to be initiated into their highest vibration of Galactic and Universal levels.
  • Imagine the radiant splendour of having the energy of 30 Archangels manifest before you , to give you, probably, the most profound initiation you will ever experience; their combined energies constituting the sum total of the vibration of the Angelic Kingdom of Light as we experience it in consciousness.

Angelic Reiki Levels

New workshop for Master Teachers only.   APRIL 2022

We are holding a weekend workshop for Master Teachers who might feel that they want to get started on their Teaching journey or maybe you need a refresher. We will cover all the degrees over the two days. This will be held at our home in Great Eccleston, Near Preston, Lancs. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

1st & 2nd Degree.                    21st  &  22nd  MAY 2022

3rd & 4th Degree.                   23rd  &  24th  JULY 2022

Professional Practitioner.  10th & 11th     SEPTEMBER 2022

1st & 2nd Degree.                    22nd & 23rd     OCTOBER 2022.​

Angelic Reiki Gathering & Updates.  13th  NOVEMBER  2022

MASTER TEACHER DEGREE.             2023

The cost of each workshop is:-

master teacher refresher workshop             £ 95.00

1 & 2                            £275.00

3 & 4                            £385.00

P & P                           £400.00

Master Teacher     £450.00

Angelic reiki Gathering & Updates    £85.00


If you would be interested in a workshop, please contact me as soon as possible.

Experience the purest Angelic Healing energies in this powerful and profound pathway to Spiritual and Physical wellbeing.

These 2+ days workshops will bless you with the purest healing methods and prepare you for the continuous development along your chosen path to bring healing to yourself and others.


The Sanctuary of Healing

Dewhurst Road





If you feel drawn to work more closely with the Angelic Realm and you think the above workshops would be just what you are looking for, then, please give me a ring on 07988 634721  or drop me a line here to discuss your requirements.